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Camping Scavenger Hunt!
The Scavenger Hunt begins in Space Age at the Corridor! Click the Crystal Fountain to begin! Award is the Camping Raccoon - Marshmallow Toaster!
Monday July 21st - 23rd
07:30 PM to 03:30 PM CDT

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[Scavenger Hunt] Junk Food Day!
Jul 19, 2014 - 3:16 PM - by Shane

This hunt is SWEET!

July 21st (Monday) is National Junk Food Day!

How did Junk Food Day come to be? WE HAVE NO IDEA! Probably some health group trying to bring attention to how bad it is for you.

Contrary to the meaning of the "holiday", we've released a scavenger hunt to celebrate all those trans-fats riddled, high-fructose corn syrup filled, oily, greasy, and unhealthy foods! (Just don't eat all of them to celebrate Junk Food Day, or you'll have a horrible stomach ache...)

The items are hidden in forum posts, user profiles, and other places. The clues should be enough to get you through the hunt. Please don't spoil it for other players by telling them where the items are located.

You will receive a pin of each item you find. Upon completing the scavenger hunt, you will also receive a bonus mystery pin! (Make sure to check your pins when you finish the hunt.)

This scavenger hunt will last until this Friday (July 25th).

You can start the hunt by clicking here!

Have fun!
18 Replies | 225 Views
[Wheel] Wheel Wednesdays!
Jul 07, 2014 - 1:51 PM - by Shane

Trust me, it's wheely great!

Hey Insiders!

First off, the double score for our Fourth of July celebration is now gone. You will get the regular amount of forum-credits...


Wheel Wednesdays happen on... you guessed it... Wednesday. Whenever you spin the wheel on Wednesday*, you get not double, but TRIPLE the forum credits you land on. (When the VFK Tickets come out, you will receive a forum-credit bonus if you land on it.)

Be sure to use the wheel everyday, and especially Wednesday! Click here to visit the Credit Wheel.


P.S.: The Fourth of July and Canada Day items will remain in the Holiday Store until the end of July.

*Our server's times are set to Central time. Thus if you spin at 11:00 PM Pacific time on Wednesday, you won't get the triple score.
6 Replies | 84 Views
[Holiday Extravaganza] Happy Fourth of July
Jul 04, 2014 - 1:22 AM - by Shane

Let freedom ring!

Happy Fourth of July, Insiders!

I hope your credit wallets are ready! We've got a lot planned for the Fourth of July.

Credit Wheel Change
For a limited time, the Credit Wheel gives DOUBLE what the wheel says! (The amount that Lanna says is the amount you win. If you land on 400, she will say you won 800!) Lanna is also only dressed in either red, white, or blue.

You can visit the Credit Wheel by clicking here!

Pins, pins, PINS!
We're releasing all of VFK's annual Fourth of July pins!

2008's Fourth of July pin, which was the first Fourth of July pin, costs 1776 credits! All of the other annual Fourth of July pins cost 100 credits each, with the exception of 2011's. 2011's costs 500 credits. There is also an American flag pin that costs 100 credits, and a circular American flag pin that costs 100 credits. The circular flag pin is limited edition of 50.

You can visit the Holiday Store by clicking here!

You can now purchase Fireworks magic from the Magic Shop for 1000 credits! Fireworks magic will only be available for a limited time, so don't delay. Remember, you can combine magic pins!

You can visit the Magic Shop by clicking here!

Check out the trades! I've put up quite a few trade lots with specific requests. If you're the first person to make an offer on those lots with the right item, you will get a Fourth of July Eagle Pin! If all those lots run out, I will add more trades.

You can go to the Trading Post by clicking here!

Free pins!
Everybody likes free stuff, right?! You can pick up a free 2014 VFK Fourth of July Pin AND a free American Flag pin! You can get them in the Holiday Store.

You can visit the Holiday Store by clicking here!

Avatar festivities!
For a limited time, avatars in the VFK Signature will display with Fireworks magic or with a patriotic hat!

Small Canadian Change...
No, I'm not talking about a Canadian penny! The pin that was given out for free on Canada day has been changed from a circular flag to a regular flag. You can now purchase the circular flag for 100 credits. It is limited edition of 50. You can still also purchase the regular flag for 200 credits.

You can visit the Holiday Store by clicking here!

Have a safe and happy holiday!
-Shane and the VFK Insider Staff
7 Replies | 74 Views
[Feature] Forum Pin Trading
Jul 01, 2014 - 6:20 PM - by Shane

The Trading Post!

Hey Insiders!

I've been working on this a while, and it's finally ready - FORUM PIN TRADING!

Read the spoilers for detailed instructions.

Making a Trade Lot
To put items up for trade, first go to the main trading page, and then click the "Create a a New Trade!" button. When you do, a new page will load.

On this page, you can select the pins you want to trade. Only pins that are not on your lanyard, not on your board, and not in storage will show up here. You can put a wishlist on the lot too, if you'd like. If you use vulgar language in the wishlist, you will be suspended from the forums.

Once you make your trade lot as you like it, just press the "Submit Trade!" button.

Making an Offer
To make an offer, first click on the "Browse Lots" link. Find the trade you wish to make an offer on, and click the "Make Offer" button. You can select the pins you wish to offer, and you may also offer forum credits. Then click the "Submit Offer!" button. While your credits and pins are in an offer, you will not be able to use them. If your offer is not accepted or cancelled, you will get the items and credits back.

Accepting and Rejecting Trade Offers
You can view the offers you have on a trade by going to the main page, and click the "View # Trade Offers" button. # will show you how many offers there are on your specific trade lot. You will now have a listing of all the offers. Each has an accept and reject button. Once you click one of these, it is final.

Removing Trade Lots
If you decide you no longer want to keep a trade lot up, go to the main page, Find the trade lot you want to cancel, and click the "Remove Trade Lot" button.

Removing Trade Offers
If you decide you no longer want to leave an offer on a trade up, first click the "Offers You Have Made" link. Find the offer you wish to cancel on this page, and then click the "Remove Trade Offer" button.

You can get to the Trading Post by clicking Pin Manager on the homepage, and then clicking Trading Post. Alternatively, you may click here.


P.S.: I made a few trade lots with an unreleased pin. You should check them out! I'll be adding more the new few days.
P.S. 2: This will allow you to trade the VFK Tickets in the future when they are out!
1 Reply | 30 Views
[Feature] Puzzle & Crossword Galore!
Jul 01, 2014 - 4:14 PM - by MaroonTeal

Its time to get puzzled..!

Hey Insiders!

Recently there has been an influx of randomly posted puzzle threads asking for and posting assistance. Fear not - for now a new sub-forum has been created for all your puzzling needs. Simply click here and all your puzzle needs can be found!

-VFK Insider Staff
1 Reply | 38 Views
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