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[New Feature] Puzzle Answer Sharing
Sep 03, 2015 - 6:55 PM - by Shane

9/13/15 Edit: Two new (and cheap) backgrounds, VFK Credits Tickets, and previously retired forum pins have been added to the shop!

Hey Insiders!

We're releasing an awesome new feature - Puzzle Answer Sharing!

Full Announcement

Don't we already have that?
We already have a Puzzle Answer Sharing section of the forum. This is different!

All right, so what is it?
With Puzzle Answer Sharing, you can solve the VFK Crossword and Sudoku on VFK Insider! (We suggest copying your answers from in-game.) You input your answers like you would in VFK, rather than posting a screenshot. Once you have submitted the correct answer, everyone can see it!

Why should I bother with it?
For the good of the community! Oh yeah, and you get stuff.

What stuff?
You'll get a puzzle award with the statistics of how many puzzles you've done. You'll also get Puzzle Points! They're a type of currency you can use in the Puzzle Points Store to get some cool stuff.

What cool stuff?
Right now, you can purchase a wide array of pins. You can also buy some post backgrounds! The prices on some of the items are high, but they're something to keep working for. There will also be a way to earn a small amount of points in the future.

Is the Puzzle Answer Sharing going to change?
We've got some awesome ideas on stuff to add in the future. Two of the ideas are *static hisses* and *crackling sound*.

Wait, did my megaphone go out? Let me say it again. Two of the ideas we plan on making in the future are *static hisses* and *megaphone sound drowns out*.

Hmm, guess I can't share those just yet... Aaand that megaphone seems to have died... *pulls out backup megaphone*

One other feature we hope to add in the future (in addition to the two I can't mention) is the ability to do past puzzles for a small amount of puzzle points. We'll have to wait for that until we build up a large bank of puzzles.

Is the input like VFK's?
It's similar. If you uncheck Flow Type, typing answers is very similar to VFK's. If you check it, you write line by line. When you reach the end of a line, you go to the beginning of the next. It's kind of like word wrap in a text field or Word document. Flow Type makes it easier to copy your answers from VFK.

So, how do I get to it?
Good question! (Wow, this person asking seems to have a lot of intelligent questions.) You can find it on the Site Navigation menu on the left. Alternatively, you can click here.

You can share puzzle answers on the site now, and get points for doing so. You can also view the shared answers. It's located on the Site Navigation menu. Read the full conversation above to know all the details.

-Shane and the VFK Insider Staff

P.S.: The Pin system menu got a facelift. All the buttons in the Pin and Store systems are pretty now, too.

P.S.... Again: There's a code hidden in here for free forum credits. Yay.
14 Replies | 430 Views
VFK Ideas
Aug 29, 2015 - 6:52 PM - by PrinceLava


Hey Insiders!

In case you missed the poll last week, we asked you to vote for us to open a new VFK ideas section in the forum. The votes were unanimous, so here it is! If you've got some concept art made for VFK ideas, or just want to discuss some ideas of your own, this new section is built just for you! Check it out here! Or, head over to the VFK Ideas section in the VFK Game forums.

- The Insider Team
1 Reply | 108 Views
[Pins] Sharks vs Superhero vs Operating Systems vs Miss Clue?
Jul 30, 2015 - 6:04 PM - by Shane


Hey Insiders!

First off, read the homepage post below this if you haven't already.

We're having a super mega pin release! I hope your forum credit wallet is ready!

Sharks Vs. Zombies

Tazz Week on VFK has just ended. We're extending it just a little bit by releasing seven new Sharks Vs. Zombies pins! There is a pin of each shark plush. To get these pins, you will have to buy a Sharks Vs. Zombies - Plush Mystery Bag from the Official Pin Store! Each bag is 500 forum credits and awards two random pins from the set (with a small chance of getting another Mystery Bag).
The bags are limited edition 100 with no purchase limit. If you want a whole set, you need to act fast!

[Click here to go to the Official Pin Store]


Did you see Ant-Man on the big screen? We have added two Ant-Man pins to our Marvel set in the Disney Store. You can pick up a limited edition 50 Ant-Man pin for 100 forum credits, and an Ant-Man Logo Pin for 500 forum credits!

[Click here to go to the Disney Store]

Windows 10

The Windows 10 Operating System pin is available in the Official Pin Store for only 50 Credits.
If you already had the original Windows pin, you got a free upgrade! (You got a free Windows 10 pin and got to keep your original one.)

[Click here to go to the Official Pin Store]

Miss Clue

Have you been keeping up with VFK's Miss Clue? Show you're a fan with these two new pins! Both pins cost 100 forum credits. The silhouette pin is limited edition 50 with a purchase limit of 3. You can find them in the Official Pin Store!

[Click here to go to the Official Pin Store]

Have fun! Do you have any pin suggestions?
-VFK Insider Staff

P.S.: There's a code hidden in here related to Ant-Man. If you find it, try redeeming it for some forum credits!

2 Replies | 168 Views
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