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[Pins] Wizard Fire Sale
Jun 29, 2015 - 7:06 PM - by Shane


Hey Insiders,

June 29, 2008 was the date that VFK's first magics were released. Emerald Wizard Fire and Ruby Wizard Fire were released through the VFK FAD-ulous Quest. The members of VFK Insider convinced VFK to make a new VFK FAD-ulous quest for new Wizard Fire magics on the anniversary of it in 2014. The new colors were Sapphire and Amethyst.

To celebrate the anniversary of these events, we've released forum pins of all of those pins. The Emerald and Ruby Wizard Fire were limited edition and sold out... until now.


We looked around in our storage and found 10 of each of the Emerald and Ruby Wizard Fire forum pins! They are priced at 1500 credits each. They are limited to one per color per customer.

[Click Here to visit the Magic Shop]

FIRE... Sale!

Sapphire and Amethyst Wizard Magics were not limited edition, and will not be limited edition. However, we have 10 of each color for HALF of the regular price. They are priced at 500 credits each. They are limited to one per color per customer. (Remember, after those run out, you can still buy as many as you want at full price.)

[Click Here to visit the Magic Shop]

Free Credits
Enter the code "FIRE SALE" into the Code Redemption page for 500 free credits. This code can only be used by 25 people, so don't delay!

[Click Here to visit the Code Redemption page]

Enjoy! (And kudos to those of you who got the reference in the subtitle)
-VFK Insider Staff

3 Replies | 37 Views
[Pins] Smilies!
Jun 27, 2015 - 3:19 PM - by Shane

Hey Insiders!

We're releasing a new Mystery Box! This box will give you two random pins that are based off of our smilies.

To buy it, visit the Official Pin Store! Once you've bought one, you can open it by visiting the Open Box page. There is a small chance of getting another Smilies Mystery Box when opening a box. The box costs 750 Credits.

[Click Here to visit the Official Pin Store]

-VFK Insider Staff
P.S.: Enter the code "smile" on our code redemption page for a free Smilies Mystery Box!
0 Replies | 25 Views
[Wiki] The Wiki is Open!
Jun 16, 2015 - 12:57 AM - by Shane

We want YOU to Wiki!

Hey Insiders!

The Wiki is open!
The Wiki is now open and you can visit it by going to wiki.vfkinsider.com

[Click Here to visit the VFK Wiki!]

You can be an Editor!
In the past, our Wiki was only edited by a select team. Now, we want to open it to you too! To be able to edit the Wiki, your forum account will have to be at least 30 days old*, have at least 20 posts*, and get a 100% on our Wiki Editor Quiz!

Yeah. I know, quizzes aren't fun... but our 10 question quiz will make sure you know the very basics of editing the Wiki to ensure quality. You must meet the account age and post requirements to take it. You must get all of the questions correct to pass. If you don't pass, you will have to wait 48 hours to attempt the quiz again. If you don't pass after your third try, you will be unable to retake the quiz - so don't be guessing on the questions! Once you pass the quiz, you will be able to log into the Wiki with your forum login information and you'll also get a sweet Award and Pin to show off!

[Click Here to take the Wiki Editor Quiz]

Some Basic Rules
If your edits don't meet the quality we've specified in our guidelines, you may not be able to edit the Wiki in the future. If you abuse the Wiki, we will revert the abusive changes, ban you from the Wiki, and possibly ban you from the forum too. So don't abuse it!

Wiki Subforum
Make sure to check out and post on the Wiki Subforum! You can collaborate with other editors and ask questions you may have about editing. This is a good place to work out who will update what from our downtime!

[Click Here to visit the Wiki Subforum]

Wiki Staff
All of our forum admins will have administrative control over the Wiki. We also have Aceboy_Alex as our Wiki Manager. As the Wiki Manager, he will mostly be overseeing recent edits to make sure they're up to par.

Wiki Rewards
We plan on having special awards for helping edit the Wiki. Our best editors will get special recognition. Keep an eye out for this in the future.

We hope you enjoy!
-VFK Insider Staff

*This may change in the future if it proves to be too low of a threshold to prevent abusive users.
17 Replies | 327 Views
[Pins + Wiki] Smash Bros + Wiki Update
Jun 14, 2015 - 5:56 PM - by Shane

Talk is cheap. -Ryu

Hey Insiders!

Forum Pins
As you probably know, we have a huge selection of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U pins in our pin system. Nintendo released two previously unannounced characters as DLC - Roy (from Fire Emblem) and Ryu (from Street Fighter). You can pick up our new Roy and Ryu pins for 500 and 600 Forum Credits respectively.

[Click Here to go to the Nintendo World forum pin store]

Wiki News
We've decided what we're going to do with the Wiki! We are going to allow anyone who has been a member for at least 30 days with at least 20 posts the ability to edit the Wiki. When the Wiki is open, you will be able to log in with your forum username and password.

The forum administrators will have administrative control over the Wiki. We also have Aceboy_Alex as our first Wiki Manager. As Wiki Manager, he will be making sure all edits are up to our quality and not abusive. Any abuse of the Wiki will result in a ban from the Wiki and possibly a forum ban.

The Wiki is not yet open, but it will be soon. We plan on special rewards for our best editors, so keep an eye out!

Edit (6/15): We have the system for logging in using your forum account made. We still are working on an automated quiz that will determine if you can edit the Wiki.

-VFK Insider Staff
1 Reply | 42 Views
[Wiki] Future of the VFK Wiki?
Jun 13, 2015 - 3:15 PM - by Shane

Hey Insiders!

For a long time, we had a VFK Wiki (generously donated by the now defunct VFK Forums) that chronicled all of VFK's events and items. When we moved to x10Hosting last year, they made us take it down.

We experimented using Wikia, but we decided that wasn't quite for us. Now that we're on a different server, we can host our Wiki again!

I have a question about how you think the Wiki should be run.

Plan #1 - Wiki Team
Before the Wiki was down, we had a team of people who were the only people who could work on the Wiki. The upside of this was that there was quality assurance and people couldn't abuse the Wiki. The downside of this was that the team could get overloaded with new stuff. This would be the case when catching up on missed stuff.

Plan #2 - Mostly Open
Anyone registered for VFK Insider with an account that is at least X days old and has at least X posts could edit the Wiki. The upside of this is since most people could edit, we could catch up on new releases really quickly. The downside of this is that we couldn't quite easily control the quality. With the mostly open plan, we could award members who do the most editing and best quality work. Punishments for abuse could include a forum ban. If we go with this, we will likely end up using a different Wiki software than MediaWiki so we can integrate forum and Wiki accounts.

When you answer, please don't just say "I want Plan #X!" Please tell us why you feel that way. If you have any other ideas on how it would work, we'd be happy to hear those too.

Let us know in a reply!
-VFK Insider Staff
6 Replies | 83 Views
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